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Google Drive App Will Backup Your Computer’s Entire Hard Drive

Google Drive provides one of the best online storage services when it comes to file sharing or backing up files in the cloud. But upcoming Google Drive app will let users backup, not just Google Drive folder but an entire hard drive.

G Suite update the company announced that on June 28th, 2017 they will be launching Backup and Sync app to help everyday Google Drive users back up files and photos from their computers.

Due to this change, Google will be able to backup the files inside any of your folders. The new app will let users select the entire hard drive to take backup and it doesn’t bother app even if the file you wanna backup on your desktop.

The early version of Backup and Sync app will be for consumer users it means that G Suite customers will have to wait for the enterprise version of the app. Google recommended G Suit customers to use Drive for Mac/PC until they launch enterprise version.

Users requested Dropbox to add a feature like this into their services but Dropbox didn’t do anything. Google become the first company to provide this feature in the market and maybe it’ll sales for Google.

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